On More Days Off and Early Birthday Presents…

I’m pretty sure every day off for me will be spent like a day off in college.

Last weekend (as I may have previously stated) I didn’t have plans and spent most of it in sweatpants on my couch. I also watched Spongebob Squarepants and took a nap. And then I ordered pizza and wings, cracked open a beer and watched the Buffalo Sabres game. I swear I’m a girl and not a bro.

Today had much of the same, but was also incredibly awesome. So I’m “upstate” right now (I say “upstate” because everyone in New York City considers the rest of New York “upstate,” but the Capital Region isn’t really that far north, and so I add the quotes. The real upstate to me would be like, the Adirondacks), and my birthday is Tuesday. When people ask what I want for my birthday, I try to think of things I need first. So naturally my list was comprised of a new cell phone case, a toiletry bag and tickets to see Beyonce. I also desperately needed a new laptop.

I bought my first laptop with money form my high school graduation party. It was my most prized possession. It was a brand new MacBook, this beautiful little perfectly white 13″ chic computer, and I was the only one of my roommates that had a Mac. We had been through a lot: the whole “becoming an adult” thing, that time my hard drive fried the ONE time I used Limewire to make the warm-up CD for my field hockey team, moving to New York, Hurricane Sandy (where it lost a few keys from a cat that was sick of me being at home on my computer for a week). And then the tech world decided that my now six-year-old computer was too elderly for any sort of update, leaving me without Flash and without much needed improvement to my applications.

So I figured I would use my tax return to finance a new one…and then because of a payroll glitch I ended up owing to the state which consumed my entire federal return. Really awesome, yeah?

My parents and boyfriend both dropped hints about buying me a new one for my birthday, but I shrugged them off, telling them it was too expensive for either party to buy on their own. I’m pretty independent too, so I was bummed that I couldn’t do this on my own and figured my next laptop wouldn’t come around for a couple years.

Basically, I was completely caught off guard today when my boyfriend brought me into the Apple store and told me that he and my parents bought me a new MacBook Pro for my birthday. I actually felt like I might cry, but I played it cool. I’m using the new computer now aaaaand I’m kind of in love with it.

So the bf also bought me a new laptop bag and a $50 Steam gift card, and we put a bunch of games on a wish list for me, and then he went to work and I took a three-hour nap. THREE. HOURS. Who does that? It was a nap filled with weird dreams too, of course, because I was under 10 blankets and started to sweat and had weird 10-blanket-fever-induced dreams. And then I woke up and ordered chicken wings.

The weird thing about me and chicken wings is that I didn’t really eat them a lot in Buffalo, and then when I moved away I ate them a lot and judged them harshly. The boyfriend told me I had to try these PB&J wings from a place called Basil City around here, and my first thought was, “I only do hot wings.” And when I really thought about it, I realized that the savory sweet combination could work. And guys, it totally does. Plus Basil City makes CRISPY WINGS. That is so hard to come by outside of Buffalo! Especially when you don’t get them right at the restaurant. The delivery trip almost always gets the wings all soggy and gross. Not this time.

Shopping. Food. Naps. Portlandia season two…yeah, days off rock. And so do new computers!


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