Things I’m Currently Loving…

I’ve decided that these types of posts need to happen about once a month. Sometimes, I just need to gush about my current obsessions, and see who else out there is as crazy in love with them as I am.

If you couldn’t tell by my writing (or my bio), I’m really into pop culture. I live in New York, but I splurge on cable (which no one here apparently has…most don’t have TVs…Come on people get with it!) because I can’t bear to miss my shows. Plus I kind of feel like I should watch the major awards shows so I can be up on things that have to do with my job. I also still have a crazy collection of physical CDs, and though I do embrace digital as well (sup, Spotify?), I’m not getting rid of these babies any time soon.

So what am I currently loving? Let’s talk…

I know, I know, I was late jumping on the Girls bandwagon. But see, even though I have a TV and cable, I did not spring for HBO, and I refuse to download anything illegally. So I had to wait for season one to be available for purchase, and went for it on Amazon Instant Video. I then proceeded to watch the entire season in three days (yeah I know, it’s ten 30-minute episodes, but it’s a true 30 minutes, no commercial breaks). I then became obsessed…and watched the season through more times than I care to share with you…

I love Girls because it’s Sex and the City but for me. I wasn’t old enough to watch the latter in its hey-dey, and my older sister was very into it so it never felt like mine. And I really just can’t relate to those characters. But Girls, I actually KNOW those girls! I went to college with those girls. I was in their shoes when I worked a crappy job right after college to pay the bills. I live in New York and know how hard it is to figure out who you are in this city full of people trying to find themselves.

In fact, it was Hannah Horvath herself who said, “We’re slaves to a city that doesn’t even want us.” Amen, girl. Don’t even get me started on my love for Lena Dunham. I think her writing is genius. It’s created everything I’ve ever wanted in a show. Even though I want to be Marnie (or at least look like her), my favorite has to be Shoshanna. My first introduction to Zosia Mamet was as Joyce in Mad Men, so seeing her as Shosh has solidified her place in my top favorite actors.

Also don’t get me started on the music in this show. Whoever is the music supervisor has done a FANTASTIC job. Which leads me to my next obsession…

“Dancing On My Own” by Robyn
I was eight-years-old when Robyn walked into my life. She wanted to be shown love, but now our girl, is in the corner watching you kiss “her.” C’mon dude! I like to think of my regular music diet as a well-balanced decadent meal filled with things you’ve probably never heard of (because sometimes my inner hipster comes out and thinks she’s better than you), but this song is the sticky-sweet dessert that I eat an entire pint of at home on my couch. Seriously, I probably listen to this song at least twice a day, and I have no shame. I also lip-synch to it at my desk while bobbing my head, wishing I was jumping around and belting it out.

The Fact That Hockey Season Is Back
I feel no need to defend my love of hockey. Don’t try to tell me it’s terrible and that nobody cares about it because I can show you a major city where a vast majority cares about it. That place is Buffalo and my team is the Sabres.

I didn’t pay much attention to the details of the lockout. I knew it was about money. I didn’t really care, I just really wanted to watch some of my favorite sport. And so now that it’s back, I’m elated. And the Sabres can do no wrong by me.

In fact, they never really have. Yeah, they’ve had some pretty off seasons, but you’ll never hear me badmouthing them. They’re my team! They’re also humans who aren’t perfect! One of the most annoying things I’ve found about sports fans is how quickly they can turn on their team or say that they suck. Really? Can you go out there and do a better job? Can you sprint down the ice, dodge five opponents and score a perfect goal? Then shut up and stop clogging my news feed with your garbage. JUST BE HAPPY FOR THIS GIFT FROM THE HOCKEY GODS.
Alright this isn’t a new obsession, but it’s certainly gotten out of hand as of late. I used to read the occasional article on here, but now it’s part of my regular website lineup. For those that don’t have one of these, it’s the order of websites I visit when I first turn on my computer when I get home from work. It goes a little something like this:

Buzzfeed is last because I know I will spend a stupid amount of time there. And then I sit here, alone, in my apartment laughing at loud at GIFs of people falling off treadmills, getting my mind blown and my childhood ruined by the fact that the Rugrats were figments of Angelica’s imagination, and learning new uses for ordinary household objects. Guys, it’s becoming unhealthy.

And then I go on Pinterest and realize that I really do have a problem.

This Video…

I get this song stuck in my head every. single. day. I’m not kidding. At least once a day I hear, “This is how bacon is supPOSed to be” in my head, and when I get excited about something, I just want to go, “daaamn, Daaamn, DAAAMMMN!” That’s really all there is to it. It still isn’t old to me. I found out about it last year….

That covers the major stuff. We’ll explore more next month.


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