On Spending Easter On Your Own…

I’ll preface this by saying that this won’t be a sad post. Not at all. This is the first Easter I’ve spent on my own, by myself, but I’ve had a wonderful Easter weekend. And I really wasn’t on my own too much except on Easter itself.

It started on Friday when my two friends and I couldn’t quite get our weekend sorted. Were we going to go to the Museum of Natural History that night and dye eggs the next day? Or vice versa? Oh wait, the museum closes at 5:45 pm, no dice. Grilled cheese then?

So we ventured to the Lower East Side where we ate grilled cheese with balsamic reduced onions and roasted brussels sprouts. And then we ate homemade rice krispie treats, which brought me back about 10 years or more. Seeing as I’ve been best friends with these two since middle school/high school, we always have lots to talk about, then we watched some TV and YouTube clips thanks to the awesome power of Apple TV. Seriously, if you’ve never seen Apple TV in action, you need to.

Yesterday was the first great weather day of the year, and the three of us made the most of it around the city.

We started at the Museum of Natural History where we saw lots of taxidermy-ed animals that were extremely impressive to see up close. Like elephants. I’ll never be that close to a living elephant. We also saw the special whale exhibit going on that had a HUGE skeleton of a whale! I think even the tiniest bone in that thing could injure me if it fell on me. I learned some cool things about whales too and smelled ambergris, which apparently can be used as a spice, and after smelling it I believe it. But I wouldn’t eat it after learning where it comes from…

My favorite part was the ocean room where they have a 95-foot long model of a blue whale and you can lay under it! They also have the famous “clash of the titans” exhibit, otherwise known as “the squid and the whale” exhibit. It’s a model of a big whale fighting a giant squid, and it’s not behind glass and it’s crazy dark, so it’s a little scary. Naturally, I needed to know everything about it when I got home, but the Internet failed me on that. Why is this exhibit in the dark?!?!

After we walked around the museum for nearly three hours, we had a late lunch at the 79th Street Boat Basin Cafe right on the Hudson River. The weather was perfect. It was so warm in the sun and a bit chilly when it went behind a cloud. From there, we did a little shopping at DSW where one friend found a pair of boots she’s been searching for forever, then we went past my office to the Time Warner Center where the shopping continued. I didn’t get anything at H&M (because I’m still trying to figure out how to dress this body of mine in the most flattering way possible), but I did splurge a little on some Urban Decay eyeliner at Sephora. We then made the most of all the samples in the store and I came out looking a little more put together than when I went in.

Then we sat on the edge of Central Park by the circle and relaxed and people watched. If there’s one thing this city is good for, it’s people watching. Also, when you just stop and look around this place, you feel sooo small. Especially in a place like Columbus Circle where the buildings overpower everything.

I went home from there and finished the book I was reading on the making of Breakfast at Tiffany’s (my favorite movie), and settled in to veg out for the night.

Today I slept until 11 am. Yes, 11 am. I’m not ashamed. This is the first time in a week where I feel well-rested and can finally breathe normally! That means this week marks my return to the gym, though I’m hoping the sun starts staying around long enough for me to get some post-work runs in.

We were supposed to dye eggs today, but I think we all just wanted a day at our own places, which was fine by me. I did laundry, cleaned, made a big pot of marinara sauce, set up my budget for April with my new budgeting software (this probably DOES make me a real adult, right?) and am now finishing up Away We Go while my cable service cuts in and out during the sentimental ending.

One thing left: finally finish that damn speech.


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