On Finding Extracurricular Activities…

I recently realized that I need a project in life outside of work.

It’s not that work isn’t taking up enough of my time (it takes up the majority of my waking hours), or that I don’t enjoy being a lazy jerk once I get home. It’s that secretly I love staying busy because that’s how my life has been since I was five years old.

So I feel like a project is in order. Yes, I’m a runner, that’s kind of a project, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for. Running is more therapy than anything else for me. Most of my thinking is done during that time, and let’s be real – the main reason I run is so I can eat more food.

If you remember back to why I created THIS blog, it was to keep my personal anecdotes separate from what was to become my food blog. Yeah, that’s still in progress. To be honest, I’m a little intimidated by the food blogging world. There’s just so many of them! How do you stand out in that world? How can I learn more about food (without paying tons of money to do so) and sound like I know what I’m talking about and not say things like, “This was great!” “It tasted amazing!” “I love bacon!”? Most importantly, what will the theme of my food blog be?

TL;DR: Still working on the food blog.

So here are some thoughts on various projects that perhaps I can get myself into…..

Creating an Etsy store
I was a super creative child. I give most of the credit to my mom for this. She was and still is fantastic at sewing. She made lots of dresses for me and my sisters among other things. She also did cross-stitching and taught me how to do it. That was my first creative endeavor. I then got into the bead lizard business in elementary school until the market got saturated.

[photo courtesy of etsy.com]

Friendship bracelets, embossed greeting cards, metal charms from my charm making kit, paintings, beaded bobby pins…you name it, I made it. There was even a brief period in high school where I learned how to knit scarves (and gave them to EVERYONE for Christmas). So I know I have some bit a crafty creativity in me.

I’m also an avid pinner on Pinterest and am constantly trying to figure out how to make the things I see on there.

So I have the ability to make things, what I lack is the funding and the ideas. Not to mention, have you been on Etsy lately? There’s SO MUCH stuff on there! Everyone and their mother/father/sibling/relative has an Etsy store, and some of it is really, really good. And then you visit some pages that don’t sell anything.

Etsy, you might be a little risky for me. This is a project that would take some investment without a guarantee on its return.

Become a Better Gamer
If you know me, you know my boyfriend is a gamer. And he’s been pretty successful at getting me into games. I went to Indiecade East a couple months ago and was able to impress people with the fact that I play Borderlands 2 and actually know a thing or two about games other than Mario or Tetris.

[photo courtesy of gearboxsoftware.com]

So now I have a bit of a reputation as a girl that plays games (please don’t act surprised. There are soooo many girl gamers these days. It’s not like you just caught a Mew in Pokemon), but I’m not particularly great at playing games. I mean, I’m better than when I started, but I still get my ass kicked regularly or have to look things up.

Couple of issues with this project. First, how does one become better at games? Isn’t it just natural talent? As far as I know, there aren’t coaches out there for it. Second, summer is approaching. Should I be spending this much time indoors?

Make My Own Coffee/Beer
I love coffee and drink it every day. I don’t know everything about beer, but I love drinking it and trying new kinds. I don’t drink it everyday because, you know, I shouldn’t.

[photo courtesy of divinebrew.com]

This sounds like the most exciting of the projects in my mind so far. But it also seems like the one with the most obstacles. For one, I don’t know the first thing about brewing my own beer or roasting my own coffee. This issue is easily remedied by the Internet, which is responsible for me knowing anything at all. Equipment is probably the biggest deterrent. I really don’t have the money or space to obtain the necessary equipment (though admittedly, I haven’t researched this at all. Only assuming). There’s also the issue of supplies/ingredients.

But you know, these are all pretty easily fixed if I can find what I need at a decent price. So I’m thinking this might be the most viable project so far. What do you think?

Ok so it wasn’t an extensive list of projects…..but now I’m thinking at least. This is good, right? This is productive? When people ask what I like to do I could say something other than “running” or “hangout out with my cat.” Even though I love doing both of those things. More updates to come…


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