On the Necessity of Deadlines…

…because I’m the worst blogger of all time.

See, if I don’t have a deadline looming in the distance, staring me down and scaring the crap out of me, I sit around on my couch watching hours of Say Yes to the Dress, eating ice cream and talking to my cat. I also do other things that involve other humans, but you get the picture.

So my blog goes without an update for weeks…months…a long time. Thankfully I didn’t set out writing this blog as a daily log of my life, but rather a collection of thoughts and whatnot. So regular updates aren’t all that necessary. You don’t want to read my writing when it’s uninspired.

I could give you every excuse in the book as to why I haven’t updated, and most would be half true.

I’ve been busy…
This one’s been true for the past month and a half. I just got back from a trip to Los Angeles for a big work event that I had a very important role in, so I actually did do some work from home after putting in eight hours or so at the office.

There were also nights where I went out with friends, visited my family back home, visited the boyf up north or sat on my couch and ate pizza.

And then there were days where I thought about updating and fell into a spiral of childish self-loathing and just didn’t want to write on here.

I don’t have anything to write about…
False. There are always things I could write about. I’m not saying I have a particularly riveting life, but I could always tell you what I did that day. That might be boring unless I tell you what I thought about all day. But do we really want to go that deep? Is that a thing that I should write about on a public blog that strangers in Germany read (not lying)?

If I did choose to write about my thoughts, I think I would sound like I’m whining. So, you’re welcome.

I need to focus on my half marathon training…
That’s actually 100% true, but not an excuse for not updating. I’m about two weeks into training, and because of the big work event, I’m off to a rocky start. I’ve vowed to get super serious this week, which means getting every training run in, eating healthy (but I love pizza and chicken wings and fries!!!) and getting some strength and conditioning workouts in here and there (thank you, Pinterest).

Those are actually the only excuses I could think of, and they’re all pretty lame.

I should make it a rule to blog after every training run. That way I’ll be keeping my blogging and running promises. I mean, other than finishing in under two hours, my other goal for this half is to come out of it looking like a shorter version of Ellie Goulding (even though my body is not even close to being the same shape as hers. A girl can dream), and that won’t happen all on its own.

So guys, whoever you are out there readin’ this thang, keep me to this. Write comments on here badgering me to update if I fall behind. Send me Facebook messages to yell at me. Tweet at me. Send me a Vine. Or tell me in person that I need to get on this. Whatever works for you.



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