On Making Plans in the City…

If you’re an avid Buzzfeed reader as I am, you may have seen this:

The 16 Stages of Canceling Plans

I’ll admit I’m pretty guilty of doing this, but it wasn’t until I moved to the city that I even started doing so. When I lived at home I had a car and I loved driving, so plans were a great thing to have, particularly if I got to drive into the city of Buffalo and show off my parallel parking skills (no but really, I was really good at it). It usually only took about 20 minutes to get anywhere and I was always up for whatever.

And then I moved to the city where the train dictates how quickly I can get anywhere. And everything seems to take place in Manhattan and I live in Queens.

For example, tonight I’m going to a show in Manhattan that’s about 11 miles away if you were to drive. It will take 45 minutes to get there by train. I could drive from Buffalo almost all the way to Rochester in that time. But I’m not going to cancel these plans because I said I would go and want to support my friend.

But if I had made plans myself today to go to the Met or try a new Frozen S’more from Dominique Ansel, I would’ve instead said, “nope!” and continued to watch Orange is the New Black on my couch. That’s a recurring theme: me watching TV on my couch.

Seriously though, if you get sucked into House of Cards or Orange is the New Black, say goodbye to every plan you’ve made for the week. Thirteen hour-long episodes will probably only take you a week to finish, don’t worry.

When plans get canceled, ordering in also happens. Normally this involves me eating a lot of french fries or pizza, and sometimes Thai food, but today I played it healthy and ordered from Ripe Juice Bar. I also got a free juice from there (actual juice made from extracting the juice from fruits without any added sugar) thanks to GrubHub’s yummy rummy.

I digress.

Living in New York has made canceling plans so much easier, and gives me great excuses for not saying “yes” to plans in the first place. “Oh yeah I would totally go but, you know, I live in Queens and the F train is just TERRIBLE at that time.” “Oh you live along the G train? Sorry, it’s currently not going all the way to Queens so I just can’t.”

New York makes it soooo easy to be lazy. Granted, it also makes it easy to be active given how much walking you generally do here, but overall it makes it easier to be lazy. Because you would rather stay home than deal with the train or pay money for anything.

All this being said, I have to go get ready.


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