On Killing the Job…

During the summers before my sophomore and junior years of college, I had the best job ever. I worked for my high school’s tech department, working on computers, uploading software and prepping new laptops for teachers. Sounds boring, right? No. There was a lot of waiting involved, so I played DJ with Pandora radio stations, colored pictures and did crossword puzzles. And I was paid for this.

But it didn’t start out this easy. The first few days I was there I finished every single assignment given to me – in record time – and then had nothing to do. Or I would be given a terrible job that no one wanted to do. So one of the guys I worked with told me I was doing great, but I was killing the job. And if I kept this up they wouldn’t have anything for me to do all summer.

I’ve been killing jobs since I became an overachiever in pre-school and could read before anyone else in my class. It’s just kind of what I do. It probably has something to do with the fact that my mind is always on the future and the tasks in front of me are just obstacles preventing me from getting there. Or maybe it’s because the jobs I kill are things I don’t want to do and want out of the way ASAP.

For example, I killed two of my runs last week. Granted, they were fueled by frustration and stress, but I managed to run four and five miles well under a 9 minute pace. What?

I really just wanted those runs to be over so that I could go home and veg and not think about anything. But in killing those runs, my legs were dead for the rest of the week, and then I could barely finish out my required training miles. Lame.

Binge watching has also allowed me to kill many a job. Like when I finished House of Cards in less than a week. Then followed that up by finishing Orange is the New Black in less than a week. And then I had nothing to watch (everyone keeps telling me to try Breaking Bad again, but we’ll see).

[via thatscarolyn.tumblr.com]

And then I killed the job when I finished the last quarter of Bioshock Infinite in one night, and then cried because I was overwhelmed with the ending, the game being over and suddenly having free nights to socialize.

[image via forbes.com]

Guys, I was born to kill a job. Pretty much the only jobs I can’t kill involve writing, because if I did that they would turn out terribly.

The result are weekends like this past one where I do pretty much nothing. Where I want to do something (preferably that doesn’t involve money) but I can’t think of what I want to do.

So now it’s time to start a new project. I’ve got about seven books waiting to be read. I’ve started learning HTML. I’m still training for a half marathon (and some weeks are better than others). I’ve been given other games to play. Oh yeah, and I have a vacation to sort of plan 🙂

Which job am I gonna kill first?


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