On My Mood Today…

It’s actually impossible for me to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, because one side of my bed is against the wall. But that didn’t stop me from being moody today. And oddly enough, my morning was not what did me in today.

Let’s back up to last night. Considering how exhausted I am every morning and throughout my day, I decided to use a sleep calculator to figure out the best time for me to go to bed. Given that I try to wake up at 7am each morning (I have a fairly long commute and I’m a snail as far as movement goes in the morning), the calculator told me to either fall asleep (this is fall asleep, not go to bed) at 11:30pm or 1am. So I tried 11:30…to no avail. I was wide awake straight through midnight. And so I attempted 1am. That worked, and I woke up feeling less tired than usual, but I was still sour.

This was slightly alleviated by a breakfast of toast with Justin’s Nut Butter Company’s Hazelnut Chocolate spread on it. Anything remotely close to being Nutella can always make me feel better.

As per usual, I didn’t get a seat on the subway. This normally doesn’t bother me, but I was carrying more than usual today and kept getting cut off for seats by people who weren’t carrying anything, and did not seem physically incapable of standing. Common courtesy, people. C’mon.

Work was stressful in the way that the day flew by and I felt as though I couldn’t get anything done. Then I left too late to run, which resulted in me being frustrated with no outlet for said frustration.

I walked to the subway so fed up with people for the day…only to be met by throngs of people all three blocks to the train, because Fashion Week is terrible and ruining EVERYTHING. I looked a lot like Bjork did before attacking a reporter at the airport all those years ago.

Someone’s purse was bumping my arm the entire ride home.

Slow people were in front of me on the stairs coming up from the train.

Thankfully I was greeted by a cat that was stoked to see me home earlier than usual.

Nothing particularly horrible happened today, but I was just so mad. Is this just a case similar to that of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?

[image via childrensbookalmanac.com]

Is this what happens when a girl in training misses her run?

Is this the result of eating chicken wings two days in a row? Nah, it’s definitely not that.

This got me thinking of surefire things to put me in a good mood.

Cat Time
One of the reasons I sort of prefer animals to people is because they love you unconditionally. And I love them unconditionally. My cat hates when I leave, and loves when I have lazy days with him on the couch. Coming home to him, and seeing how excited he is that I walked in the door is enough to make me smile. I mean, he cuddled up in my arm after I plopped on the couch. He’s the best.

Good Deeds
There was one moment on my walk to the train that actually made me crack a smile. There’s a homeless young woman who’s always in the same spot, which is sometimes outside of a food truck. There have been many times when I wished I had food to give her, because she holds a sign that just says, “A little kindness goes a long way.” She’s not even asking for anything except for people to be decent humans. So as I walked by her today, the burger truck was next to her, and one of the cooks came out and gave her a big bag of fresh food. The look on her face was priceless.

Good Food
This is probably a given. But I’m serious when I specify GOOD food. I’m very picky about my food when I’m in a bad mood, because if the food isn’t up to my standards at that time, I will have a toddler-style meltdown where I fall to the floor and just start crying. I opted for Thai food tonight at a place that has yet to let me down. Tonight was no exception.

Matt in Cleveland
It’s never not funny. You can stop listening at 00:36.

A Good Run
Again, emphasis on GOOD. And today would’ve been a wonderful one. I’m not sore from my 10-miler on Saturday. The weather was perfect. I was in a good mental state to set a personal record (though my personal record at 5 miles is sub-40 and if that ever happens again it will be a miracle).  Now that I’ve missed tonight’s run, I have to reschedule it for Friday which makes me feel like…

That’s about all that’s on my mind tonight. I’ve got to send the rest of my good vibes to RGIII so he can generate more fantasy points for team Sweet Breezus.

One more pet peeve: I almost always type out “fantasy” as “fantasty” first. Ugh.


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