On What I’ve Been Doing Lately…

…because I know you’re all dying to know.

I’ve been busy, guys. That’s right, I’ve been busy.

I didn’t do much running last week because the humidity reared its ugly head for (literally) a hot second, and I was not prepared to deal with it. I am not a damn toucan.

I did run 10 miles on Saturday though, and that went really well. I managed to wake up early by setting my alarm to Beyonce’s “Love On Top” and changing the alarm’s message to, “Beyonce would wake up early,” and so I woke up early. And I ran before it got too hot, and it really didn’t get too hot because guess what guys? Fall is here. Fall. is. here. and I’m stoked. STOKED.

So I ran 10 miles and felt like a superstar because I did pretty well and didn’t have to walk at the same parts of this route where I had to walk the previous week. Then I got home and cleaned myself up and settled in to watch more Breaking Bad than one should in one sitting. But then my friend offered me a free ticket to the Mets double header and I decided to join because, why not be social and catch up with a friend I haven’t seen since we both went to see the Katy Perry movie in 3D last year? Super fan right here. Don’t judge me, the movie was awesome and I also own it on DVD.

The outing was a lot of fun. I saw her dad and uncle run around the nearly empty sections of Citi Field trying to score free T-shirts and fly balls. I managed to “catch” a free T-shirt by trying to catch it, letting it fall in front of me and then snatching it from the ground before anyone could think of beating me to it. It’s an XL and it almost reaches my knees when I wear it, so I wear it to bed like I’m a kid again.

I sat in the seats at Citi Field for about six hours with a few stretching and walking breaks, but having my legs bent for that long after such an intense run earlier in the day made them stiffen up. Which was fun when I had to climb the stairs up to the train to go home. Except that it wasn’t.

Sunday was spent at a bar with new friends, watching football, drinking beer, eating food and throwing popcorn. We ended the night by eating ramen and I was pretty happy about that. I won’t turn down non-microwaved, legit ramen.

Then the weather decided to be even better starting yesterday and I’ve had two incredible runs in a row. Whaaaaaat??? Tonight I decided to see how fast I can run 5 miles, because why not? I can run 5 miles in 41:13. That’s not bad considering Central Park is hillier than Buffalo, and the Turkey Trot is in Buffalo and I would like to run that as close to a sub-40 time as possible. Last time I did that I was 20 lbs. lighter than I am now. And I looked weird.

I haven’t been doing much cooking lately because I never have time to grocery shop. I’m dying to make a huge pot of soup to bring in for lunch everyday. I could go for something hearty, like butternut squash soup with apples in it. Or this awesome escarole and sausage thing my mom makes. Or pretty much anything my mom makes.

Guys, I was thinking about Thanksgiving the other day and thinking about the awesome meal my mom makes…and my mouth started watering. It just did again.

That’s all that I’ve been up to. I’m really not that busy. I just haven’t written in here because I didn’t have anything exciting to write. But this update was super exciting, yeah?


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