Things I’m Currently Loving…

It’s been far too long since I’ve written one of these, and it’s always nice to reflect on the things that make me grin like an idiot. Not that I’m in a bad mood or state of mind and need something happy to reflect on, but just as it’s nice to write positive Yelp reviews and letters from time to time, it’s also nice to think of positive things for no particular reason.

Chips and Dip

Every few months or so, I go through a couple of weeks where I can’t get enough potato chips and french onion dip. It’s stupid, I know, and not the healthiest craving to have, but when I get in these phases there’s nothing like settling in with Netflix or a football or hockey game and chowing down. I am currently in one of these phases, and I’m not sorry. Now, in the Capital Region they don’t have the best chip dip in the entire world. Yes, I’m referring to Bison dip. I’m not sure how widespread it is throughout New York state, but I get my fix every time I’m in Buffalo. And we pronounce it “buy-zun,” not “bice-un.”

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House of Cards

Ok so the third season hasn’t started yet, but with this soul-crushingly cold weather we’ve been experiencing here, I’m being reminded of when the second season premiered. It was Valentine’s Day weekend, I took the Friday it premiered off, it was so cold that I barely left my apartment and watched the entire thing in three days. I had friends visiting who were in town for an event (so I wasn’t ignoring them, just filling my time when they weren’t around), and I pretty much only left the apartment to take them for bagels and to meet them for burgers – both worthy candidates of me braving the cold and leaving DC.

I can’t wait to be reunited with the Underwoods again next month…though after my anti-social behavior during last summer’s premiere of Orange is the New Black, I may have to rein in my watching habits and actually talk to the person I live with.

Playlists from 2007-2011

So last month while I was unemployed, I found myself charging my phone on my computer more often than not, and having not changed any settings on the phone or computer, my iTunes music auto-loaded onto it every time I plugged it in. It was annoying at first – particularly when I discovered that new U2 album had found its way on there, and I don’t even hate U2 I just wanted it to be my choice as to whether or not that album was in my possession – but as I was driving around listening to the music on there I was transported back to college when I actually bought music and didn’t stream it for free or $9.99 a month. I drove to Buffalo this past weekend and decided I needed to revisit my college days again – I found a “Best of 2007-2011” playlist on Spotify that lasted well over the four hours it took me to get there. I don’t think I’ve listened to so much Akon in my life.

akon-oSeriously though, that guy was everywhere for a while and now where is he? This playlist reminded me of dorm dance parties while getting ready for the weekend, study sessions where we blasted music and yell-sang the songs, and the fact that I know almost every word to “Money Maker” by Ludacris.


Remember about two years ago when I said I needed a new hobby and I thought about homebrewing? Well now it’s a thing I actually do! The dude and I have brewed three different types of beer since I moved up here: a milk stout from a kit, and then copycats of Stone IPA and Founder’s Breakfast Stout. The IPA came out really well – possibly better than the original? The Founder’s is in its second bucket and we’ll be bottling it after this weekend. And though I haven’t tried the milk stout yet, it’s had positive reviews! Though a bit expensive to get started (the one time expense of buying the actual equipment), homebrewing is very fun and incredibly satisfying if it all works out when you finally get to taste the beer. It’s the best science experiment I’ve ever done.

Wedding Craziness

No, not my own wedding, but getting psyched for the five we’re going to this year. I’m in two of them (one for my best friend of all time since I was born, the other for my best friend from college), so I started getting in “wedding shape” yesterday. I’ve missed being sore from workouts and have found some good strengthening ones to keep me going when the temperature is below freezing and it would hurt my body and lungs to run. I have the dress for the July wedding already and need to make sure I still fit into it, and want to tone up before I buy the dress for the September wedding. As for the others, I’d like to eat, drink, and dance while feeling good about myself 🙂

That just about covers everything for now. Time to check my blogging off my list for the night and move onto the next task!


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