On the Way Snow Storms Seem to Follow Me…

It’s probably obvious by now, but I’m a Buffalonian through and through. Along with my love of chicken wings and often disappointing sports teams, I have a love/hate relationship with snow.

I wasn’t even being thought about when the Blizzard of ’77 struck Buffalo, and this storm is the first thing most people think of when I mention that I’m from there. When WNY’s reputation for snow is brought up, I always tell people, “Central New York gets more snow, we just get the publicity.” I was born in Syracuse and spent the first 6 1/2 years of my life there. In those six years I experienced at least two awful blizzards. When I moved to Buffalo, I definitely remember snow days here and there and some power outages, but nothing compares to the “October Surprise” we got during my senior year of high school. It was right before homecoming weekend when a freak snow storm hit Buffalo in October. Trees hadn’t lost all their leaves making their branches quite heavy with snow piled on them, and taking down power lines in the process. My family was without power and heat for nine days, and when I think about it I can still hear the hum of the generators rising from my neighborhood.

Snow followed me to college in Oneonta where classes were rarely cancelled and I trudged through a foot of snow more than once to get to class (I even sometimes trudged through it to get to the gym. That’s dedication). It even thwarted New Year’s Eve plans in 2008 when I set out for Oneonta and could only make it to Syracuse (where I hung out with my best friend instead and it was even better than I had hoped). And when I took two internships in New York City my senior year of college and lived in Jersey City…they experienced record snow fall the day before I got there.

While being a resident of New York City, I experienced a hurricane and at least one crazy snowfall in January of last year (though I’m pretty sure there were others). You could say, “that’s what you get for living in the Northeast,” but I’m convinced at this point that I’m the Snow Queen – and I haven’t seen Frozen so no it’s not a reference to that – and I leave a trail of snow in my wake.

This has proven to be true as the Capital Region has now been hit with two Nor’easters in the nine months that I’ve lived here. I’M SORRY, YOU GUYS. My heart definitely goes out to those in NYC, Philly, DC, and Boston (as I know people in all those regions) – stay safe, my friends! Albany won’t get hit that badly (I hope), but there’s something I really love about being snowed in. I love watching snowfall from my warm house with a cup of coffee in hand, a cat in my lap, and the comfort of having a job that will allow me to work from home if necessary. I never realized how important that last part is until I didn’t have that option in my last job.

I hope any of you affected by the storm stay safe and warm! And again, I’m sorry for bringing this on you.



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