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On What I’ve Been Doing Lately…

…because I know you’re all dying to know.

I’ve been busy, guys. That’s right, I’ve been busy.

I didn’t do much running last week because the humidity reared its ugly head for (literally) a hot second, and I was not prepared to deal with it. I am not a damn toucan.

I did run 10 miles on Saturday though, and that went really well. I managed to wake up early by setting my alarm to Beyonce’s “Love On Top” and changing the alarm’s message to, “Beyonce would wake up early,” and so I woke up early. And I ran before it got too hot, and it really didn’t get too hot because guess what guys? Fall is here. Fall. is. here. and I’m stoked. STOKED.

So I ran 10 miles and felt like a superstar because I did pretty well and didn’t have to walk at the same parts of this route where I had to walk the previous week. Then I got home and cleaned myself up and settled in to watch more Breaking Bad than one should in one sitting. But then my friend offered me a free ticket to the Mets double header and I decided to join because, why not be social and catch up with a friend I haven’t seen since we both went to see the Katy Perry movie in 3D last year? Super fan right here. Don’t judge me, the movie was awesome and I also own it on DVD.

The outing was a lot of fun. I saw her dad and uncle run around the nearly empty sections of Citi Field trying to score free T-shirts and fly balls. I managed to “catch” a free T-shirt by trying to catch it, letting it fall in front of me and then snatching it from the ground before anyone could think of beating me to it. It’s an XL and it almost reaches my knees when I wear it, so I wear it to bed like I’m a kid again.

I sat in the seats at Citi Field for about six hours with a few stretching and walking breaks, but having my legs bent for that long after such an intense run earlier in the day made them stiffen up. Which was fun when I had to climb the stairs up to the train to go home. Except that it wasn’t.

Sunday was spent at a bar with new friends, watching football, drinking beer, eating food and throwing popcorn. We ended the night by eating ramen and I was pretty happy about that. I won’t turn down non-microwaved, legit ramen.

Then the weather decided to be even better starting yesterday and I’ve had two incredible runs in a row. Whaaaaaat??? Tonight I decided to see how fast I can run 5 miles, because why not? I can run 5 miles in 41:13. That’s not bad considering Central Park is hillier than Buffalo, and the Turkey Trot is in Buffalo and I would like to run that as close to a sub-40 time as possible. Last time I did that I was 20 lbs. lighter than I am now. And I looked weird.

I haven’t been doing much cooking lately because I never have time to grocery shop. I’m dying to make a huge pot of soup to bring in for lunch everyday. I could go for something hearty, like butternut squash soup with apples in it. Or this awesome escarole and sausage thing my mom makes. Or pretty much anything my mom makes.

Guys, I was thinking about Thanksgiving the other day and thinking about the awesome meal my mom makes…and my mouth started watering. It just did again.

That’s all that I’ve been up to. I’m really not that busy. I just haven’t written in here because I didn’t have anything exciting to write. But this update was super exciting, yeah?


On My Mood Today…

It’s actually impossible for me to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, because one side of my bed is against the wall. But that didn’t stop me from being moody today. And oddly enough, my morning was not what did me in today.

Let’s back up to last night. Considering how exhausted I am every morning and throughout my day, I decided to use a sleep calculator to figure out the best time for me to go to bed. Given that I try to wake up at 7am each morning (I have a fairly long commute and I’m a snail as far as movement goes in the morning), the calculator told me to either fall asleep (this is fall asleep, not go to bed) at 11:30pm or 1am. So I tried 11:30…to no avail. I was wide awake straight through midnight. And so I attempted 1am. That worked, and I woke up feeling less tired than usual, but I was still sour.

This was slightly alleviated by a breakfast of toast with Justin’s Nut Butter Company’s Hazelnut Chocolate spread on it. Anything remotely close to being Nutella can always make me feel better.

As per usual, I didn’t get a seat on the subway. This normally doesn’t bother me, but I was carrying more than usual today and kept getting cut off for seats by people who weren’t carrying anything, and did not seem physically incapable of standing. Common courtesy, people. C’mon.

Work was stressful in the way that the day flew by and I felt as though I couldn’t get anything done. Then I left too late to run, which resulted in me being frustrated with no outlet for said frustration.

I walked to the subway so fed up with people for the day…only to be met by throngs of people all three blocks to the train, because Fashion Week is terrible and ruining EVERYTHING. I looked a lot like Bjork did before attacking a reporter at the airport all those years ago.

Someone’s purse was bumping my arm the entire ride home.

Slow people were in front of me on the stairs coming up from the train.

Thankfully I was greeted by a cat that was stoked to see me home earlier than usual.

Nothing particularly horrible happened today, but I was just so mad. Is this just a case similar to that of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?

[image via]

Is this what happens when a girl in training misses her run?

Is this the result of eating chicken wings two days in a row? Nah, it’s definitely not that.

This got me thinking of surefire things to put me in a good mood.

Cat Time
One of the reasons I sort of prefer animals to people is because they love you unconditionally. And I love them unconditionally. My cat hates when I leave, and loves when I have lazy days with him on the couch. Coming home to him, and seeing how excited he is that I walked in the door is enough to make me smile. I mean, he cuddled up in my arm after I plopped on the couch. He’s the best.

Good Deeds
There was one moment on my walk to the train that actually made me crack a smile. There’s a homeless young woman who’s always in the same spot, which is sometimes outside of a food truck. There have been many times when I wished I had food to give her, because she holds a sign that just says, “A little kindness goes a long way.” She’s not even asking for anything except for people to be decent humans. So as I walked by her today, the burger truck was next to her, and one of the cooks came out and gave her a big bag of fresh food. The look on her face was priceless.

Good Food
This is probably a given. But I’m serious when I specify GOOD food. I’m very picky about my food when I’m in a bad mood, because if the food isn’t up to my standards at that time, I will have a toddler-style meltdown where I fall to the floor and just start crying. I opted for Thai food tonight at a place that has yet to let me down. Tonight was no exception.

Matt in Cleveland
It’s never not funny. You can stop listening at 00:36.

A Good Run
Again, emphasis on GOOD. And today would’ve been a wonderful one. I’m not sore from my 10-miler on Saturday. The weather was perfect. I was in a good mental state to set a personal record (though my personal record at 5 miles is sub-40 and if that ever happens again it will be a miracle).  Now that I’ve missed tonight’s run, I have to reschedule it for Friday which makes me feel like…

That’s about all that’s on my mind tonight. I’ve got to send the rest of my good vibes to RGIII so he can generate more fantasy points for team Sweet Breezus.

One more pet peeve: I almost always type out “fantasy” as “fantasty” first. Ugh.

On Partying Like a Rock Star…

I just got back from the most tiring, but fun, week ever. I got less than six hours of sleep each night, probably had one drink too many more than once (sorry Mom and Dad) and met some really awesome people. It was one of those trips where the beginning of it – last Monday – feels like it took place a week ago. That’s a good thing, right?

So of course I want to talk about some food that I ate, because it was pretty top-notch. My first night in Los Angeles I went to a little place called Wood & Vine. We sat out on the patio and got lots of plates to share, one being pork bruschetta. I only had half of one piece of it, and it was probably the richest thing I’ve ever eaten, but incredibly delicious. Ever have whipped lardo? I have. It’s fattening and awesome. The other pieces that came with it had garlic and ricotta, and then pork liver butter. I passed on the liver one, and apparently that was a good choice.

I had chicken and waffles for the first time, and certainly not for the last time. I’ve always been a salty and sweet lover, but this was like, sweet AND savory, which kind of blew my mind? The waffle was pretty standard, the chicken was the best I’ve ever had (amazing crisp on the outside, moist on the inside) and then they put maple syrup on it and some herbed butter? I’m sorry, but this dish can do no wrong. I only ate a quarter of it (because I was actually sharing food for once) but easily could’ve had the entire plate.

So then I also had this tomato and avocado salad, which in my mind was a California version of a caprese salad. It had these tomatoes that were deep red and super juicy, with avocado slices and burrata cheese (seriously, where has this been all 24 years of my life?) and what I think was some sort of reduced balsamic. Another thing I could’ve had all of, but I decided to be a good co-worker and share.

And then dessert happened. Butterscoth pot de creme with salted caramel ice cream. I’ll just let that sink in…

The next night we went to a place that was total “old Hollywood,” called Musso and Frank Grill. I had no idea what to expect going into here, but I was really, really pleasantly surprised. I was also starving by the time we got there and ate far too much bread before my meal. I started with French onion soup and it was easily the best I ever had. Like, there was some taste in there that was so good that I can’t describe it or begin to figure out what caused it. I then continued on my journey of having cheese in every part of my meal and went for the Macaroni Gratin. Ever been to Chef’s in Buffalo? It was essentially spaghetti parm but instead of red sauce, it used a bechemal. Pretty sure my arteries were crying by the end of this meal. I also didn’t finish the plate because of my bread indulgence from the moment I sat down.

I think that covers the most important parts. The rest was hotel food that was free so I can’t really complain about it.

If you can’t tell, this was a work trip. And it was a really successful one at that. I made way more connections than the previous two times I worked these events, one being a songwriter who created part of the soundtrack to my high school years. I also met some up and coming songwriters that I’m looking forward to staying in touch with. All this being said, networking is TIRING. Very little sleep was had this week. Very. Little.

THAT being said, I think it’s time to cut this short and get back on New York time. Los Angeles, it was fun, but I am so happy to be back home living my perfectly ordinary stay-in-every-night life.

On Procrastination…

Remember yesterday when I was crazy productive?

Yeah, we’re no longer in Productiveland.

I thought it would be easier to write this speech for work while at home (after working a full day at the office), but there’s just so much around me that I’d rather pay attention to. Did I mention that the first draft of the speech is due tomorrow?

No worries, about 75% of it is done. So I’m not completely screwed. But man, when writer’s block strikes, it hits me hard. But I am writing right now…

But I can’t write a speech like I blog. Especially for a top executive at my company, who is a male and doesn’t talk like a 24-year-old girl. Maybe we should just get Lena Dunham to read the speech. Hell, let’s have her write the speech too!

So I started off with the best of intentions tonight. I got home and turned on my computer and ordered plenty of food to power me through a killer speech. And then the Internet happened, and before I knew it I was trawling around Buzzfeed like it was Disneyland Paris (which I have never been to and have researched extensively. Ask my freshman year roommates).

And then I turned on the TV because I couldn’t have complete silence and, lo and behold, Say Yes to the Dress was on in marathon form. Marathon. I can’t resist this show. I will watch episodes over and over. Part of it is seeing girls try on dresses like they’re doing it for me? Like, “oh that girl is tall and skinny and that dress looks amazing on her. I’m short and stout so we can cross that one off the list.” I’m more partial to the Atlanta edition of the show, and would love for Lori and Monte to be my future bridal fairy godmothers, but I’ll watch whatever version TLC is currently serving up.

Oh yeah, I’m not even engaged.

By the way, my food arrives during this time and rather than fueling me, it distracts me because I don’t want to get pizza grease on my new computer. I also ate a meal suitable for carbing up before a long run. News flash: I’m still sick and definitely not going on a long run tomorrow…but now I definitely should. Maybe some yoga instead (though I’m not sure how I’d fare in an exercise that focuses on breathing when I currently can’t).

I then looked at the speech, took out one line, hit save and continued on my procrastinating.

Whenever I watch Say Yes to the Dress, my next move is to log on to Pinterest and start planning the wedding of mine that won’t be happening for years. I start by looking at what everyone I’m following has pinned, and then make a beeline for the Wedding section. And then I get bored quite fast because I’ve seen all these pins and no one is adding anything new. And I’m sick of seeing all these cutesy rhyming things at weddings. I don’t want rhyming.

At this point my cat curled up in his new favorite spot that shouldn’t be his new favorite spot. I had visitors this weekend and after folding up my futon, I left the sheets on the bottom half and the visitor pillows on one side of the futon. The cat LOVES laying on the pillows. Sadly, these can’t stay there forever. I think he’ll get over it because, you know, he’s a cat and this apartment is his lounging oyster.

Mind you this speech still needs to be written.

I gave it another go before starting this entry. I added maybe two more sentences? And then I collapsed on the couch and rolled into a ball, looked at my cat and said, “I can’t do this!”

And he looked at me like I’m crazy.

You can try to make me feel guilty in saying, “Brianne, you should’ve started this earlier.” But I did! It’s 75% done! And then I found out this week that the first draft will be due Friday, and I panicked! Have you ever tried writing when the words just won’t come out? I imagine it’s a lot like child birth, but with fewer stretch marks. I mean, I can write a really crappy speech when forced to, but the goal is to do it so well the first time that my boss will say, “don’t change a thing, this is PERFECT, ” and I’ll walk away while brushing the dirt off my shoulders.

But this is writing, and the first draft is never perfect. And the first draft my boss sees will not be my actual first draft. It will at least be my third.

Why can’t writing speeches for someone with more life and work experience than you come out as easily as a blog entry? Don’t tell me, “because life’s not easy.” That’s a stupid and easy excuse. I think the audience might find my style of speaking slightly more interesting, but as it sounds like a 24-year-old on her second year on the job, it wouldn’t be all that trustworthy now would it?

Think it’s time to get to business? You’re probably right.

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made of…

Hey there.

I’m Brianne (Bri) and you’ve stumbled upon my personal blog.

I’ve blogged about food for the past three or so years, and am currently in the process of revamping my food blog, and while brainstorming improvements, I decided to separate my random musings from my food revelations to keep the future food blog more focused.

And so, And What Would Bri Say? was born. You may be thinking, “what’s with the name?” I had this pretty annoying tendency as a young child to ask too many questions. I would go to climb some unstable tower of toys or going running around our house’s wooden floors wearing socks, and my parents would say something like, “Brianne stop! You’re gonna fall and crack your head open!” And so the questions began: “And then what would you say? And what would Dad say? And what would my sisters say? And what would the dog say?” I figured by now it’s time to hear what I would say.

A little about myself for those that don’t know: I’m from Buffalo and have more hometown pride than I ever thought I would. I’ve lived in New York City for a year now. I have a bit of an obsession with music and am constantly thinking of what will be in my next meal. I run regularly for at least half the year while training for half marathons, the other half of the year is too cold, too dark and too consumed with work to really take it too seriously.

I suppose you’ll learn more about me as this blog gets updated. It likely won’t be on a regular basis, but we’ll see what happens!

Thanks for reading this somewhat pointless intro, and stay tuned for more 🙂