Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made of…

Hey there.

I’m Brianne (Bri) and you’ve stumbled upon my personal blog.

I’ve blogged about food for the past three or so years, and am currently in the process of revamping my food blog, and while brainstorming improvements, I decided to separate my random musings from my food revelations to keep the future food blog more focused.

And so, And What Would Bri Say? was born. You may be thinking, “what’s with the name?” I had this pretty annoying tendency as a young child to ask too many questions. I would go to climb some unstable tower of toys or going running around our house’s wooden floors wearing socks, and my parents would say something like, “Brianne stop! You’re gonna fall and crack your head open!” And so the questions began: “And then what would you say? And what would Dad say? And what would my sisters say? And what would the dog say?” I figured by now it’s time to hear what I would say.

A little about myself for those that don’t know: I’m from Buffalo and have more hometown pride than I ever thought I would. I’ve lived in New York City for a year now. I have a bit of an obsession with music and am constantly thinking of what will be in my next meal. I run regularly for at least half the year while training for half marathons, the other half of the year is too cold, too dark and too consumed with work to really take it too seriously.

I suppose you’ll learn more about me as this blog gets updated. It likely won’t be on a regular basis, but we’ll see what happens!

Thanks for reading this somewhat pointless intro, and stay tuned for more 🙂