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On Productivity, Rewards, and More…

So let’s have an update on my HabitRPG life. It’s going well! I’m a level 6 now and have made it a habit to bring my lunch to work and to get some reading in every night. It’s been pretty enjoyable winding down before bed with a book and I think today I’ll be adding an element to deter me from looking at my phone before bed. I’ve read that the light of the screen makes your brain think it’s time to wake up because it’s similar to morning light, and that probably explains why I don’t get a great night’s sleep during the week. Nail biting has been pretty much non-existent since my nails have been painted, and messing with my face has proven to be difficult to avoid. It doesn’t help that I left my regular moisturizer at the sister-in-love’s house last weekend and had to temporarily switch to one I used unsuccessfully before.

Onto my more daily routines. I’ve done a good job of tidying up around the apartment each night – I’m saving major cleaning for weekends because it’s important to have some down time after work, for me at least. I’ve been killin’ it when it comes to blogging on a regular basis (and aren’t you SO happy that I’m back?) and on exercising on a regular basis. I’ve been working on strengthening my core so that when the weather turns and I find it acceptable to run outside again, I’ll be prepared for my oh-so-hilly neighborhood. I made it a daily task to set my clothes out for work the night before as well and it has been saving me a lot of time in the mornings. I never knew how much time I wasted standing in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear before I’ve had any coffee.

Most importantly, I’ve followed through on my weekly tasks of putting money away in my savings and toward my credit card. Three cheers for financial freedom!

The to-do feature has been really great while I’m at work. I usually load up my work list in the app and set due dates for each item, then arrange the list by what’s due first. It’s really helped with prioritizing, which is something I struggle with at times when everything seems to be due all at once. Since completed tasks earn “gold,” which you can then redeem for the rewards you set, it’s nice to be able to say things like, “I literally earned this glass of wine today.”

TL;DR: HabitRPG is awesome and it’s working really well for me! Still recommending it to everyone out there that’s trying to accomplish what feels like more than they can handle!